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The energy in sunlight is converted into electricity by using solar photovoltaic cells or by concentrating solar energy to produce heat for electricity generation.

Yes, solar energy is a reliable energy source. Its solar-generated electricity offers consistent energy production with components that rarely experience failure and that are backed by substantial warranties.

Anyone can have a system. Whether you want a solar system to power a home, a school, a farm or even a business, we can customize a system for you according to your budget and needs.

As long as your solar system is tied to the electric grid, you will always have access to as much electricity as you need, given the grid is up and running.

Having a solar energy system on your property allows you to save money on electricity bills and protects you against rising electricity rates in the future.

The amount of power the solar energy system can generate is dependent on sunlight. In that case, the solar panels will produce slightly less energy when the weather is cloudy, and no energy at night. 

If you believe your installed solar system is experiencing problems, kindly contact us directly. Our after-sales services are available 24 hours 7days a week.

Popular Questions

Will my system need maintenance?

Solar is a simple, minimum-maintenance technology which has no moving parts. That means that it is not likely for the equipment to fail. It is also not necessary to have the panels replaced at all during their lifetime. There might just be need for a periodic light cleaning of the panels to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren't obstructing the sun's rays. And also periodic checks of the battery and inverter to make sure the system is working well.

How much does a Solar PV system cost to install?

There are many variables that are considered in the cost of a solar PV system. For example consideration of how big is the system that you want and the efficiency of the system you are looking for. The quality of equipment you’re purchasing and where was it made is also important to note. There are also the special installation considerations for customized systems.

What other solar related products do you sell besides the panels, batteries and inverter?

In our range of products, we also sell 1 plate, 2 plate and 4 plate solar stoves. We also have solar geysers from as 100l solar geysers to 200l solar geysers. For more information, we encourage you to get in touch and enquire with us.

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